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The summer passenger car tire Interstate ECO Tour Plus, produced by the renowned European manufacturer, is intended for small and medium-sized passenger cars. According to the manufacturer, this tire, through the use of environmentally friendly materials in combination with a new design of non-directional tread pattern with reduced rolling resistance, will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars. The original design of the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern is distinguished, above all, by the ribs of a small width, including the shoulder areas. Otherwise, the tread pattern contains reliable and time-tested solutions. In the center of the tread, there is a non-tearing one-piece rib, which gives the Interstate Eco Tour Plus excellent roadholding characteristics and high responsiveness. The two adjacent ribs have a relatively narrow width, which helps to reduce rolling resistance. In addition, to improve the handling characteristics, a plurality of self-locking zigzag sipes are placed on the surface of these ribs, which increase the rigidity of these tread elements. It is also necessary to note the unevenness of the pitch of the lamellae not only on the central ribs, but also on the surface of the shoulder zones of the tread, which significantly reduces the noise level when driving. To ensure stability and safety when driving on wet roads, the tread pattern is equipped with four wide and deep drainage grooves. The shoulders have also been designed to provide low rolling resistance and are narrow in width. Key features of Interstate Eco Tour Plus: - the original design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern provides the tire with excellent handling characteristics; - excellent fuel economy indicators are provided by extremely low rolling resistance; - high resistance to aquaplaning, thanks to four wide and deep drainage grooves; - the use of environmentally friendly materials in the production of tires.


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