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The Ironman Radial A / P all-season passenger tire is designed for off-road vehicles, light trucks and vans with full or partial drive. When developing a tire tread pattern, computer modeling tools were widely used, which made it possible to select the layout of all tire tread elements that was optimal in terms of ride comfort.
The non-directional tread pattern of a tire consists of five ribs, which are made up of many individual blocks. A distinctive feature of the tread pattern is the staggered arrangement of the blocks of the three central ribs. This solution significantly reduces noise levels and improves durability throughout the Ironman Radial A / P tire, contributing to more even load distribution.
In addition, the two sides of the blocks that make up the three central ribs have a zigzag shape. Excellent self-cleaning performance of the tread from water, snow and mud is provided by three wide longitudinal grooves and a system of transverse channels, thereby significantly improving traction, traction and braking performance on slippery surfaces. The surface of each tread block contains three undulating sipes, which create additional edges of engagement with the surface, further increasing traction when driving on slippery roads without compromising the rigidity of the entire tread structure.


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