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Buy Landsail Ice Star iS33 tyres 245/45 R18
winter tyres / non-studded / for cars

9 120 - 9 120 руб.
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Tyre size: 245 / 45 R18
Season: Winter
Stud: No
Vehicle: Passenger

Landsail Ice Star iS33 - winter studded tires for passenger cars.

The wide tread and special geometric design of the shoulder areas increase the contact patch area, which improves traction and prevents slipping in corners.

The tread rubber compound uses micropores, which...

Tyre Size Weight Index Speed Index Run-Flat XL
245 / 45 R18 100 H    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
245 / 45 R18 100 H   XL
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Moscow SportShina 8-985-788-58-82 9120 RUR order

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