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Strong and rough roads after using winter studded tires impose special requirements on summer tires for passenger cars. When developing Nokian NRT 2 special attention was paid to wear resistance. The tire retains all its positive properties over a long service life.
In the protectorNokian NRT 2, for the first time in the world, a rubber compound was used in which poisonous, high-aromatic oils were replaced with environmentally friendly oils.
Rubber compound tread for the conditions of the North keeps well on wet and cold asphalt. The lateral grooves directed in the direction of rotation, as well as deep longitudinal grooves effectively remove water from under the wheel and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
The rolling resistance coefficient of the Nokian NRT 2 is the lowest among the competing tires in its class. The same property allows the tire to be low noise, in normal driving conditions it saves about 5% of fuel costs.
Nokian NRT 2 is an eco-friendly, inexpensive and high-quality choice for passenger cars of small and middle class.


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