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Uniroyal RainExpert is a rain tire, new in 2009. The directional hydrodynamic tread has V-grooves that effectively drain water from the contact patch. Special narrow sipes in the tread also act as drainage grooves, and in addition, allow for increased tread stiffness during braking, which helps to shorten braking distances and improve safety. Reinforced shoulder blocks improve handling on wet and dry surfaces. The advantages of Uniroyal RainExpert tires are efficient and safe braking on wet roads, precise handling and increased mileage.

RainExpert - excellent performance and V-shaped tread pattern.
RainExpert is the expert for short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces.
RainExpert is the durability expert.
RainExpert is an expert in anti-aquaplaning.

Expert for short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces

Regardless of the weather, the RainExpert tire will stop your car quickly and safely. The tire has acquired such characteristics due to the fact that the micro-grooves in the shoulder area and in the central part of the tread are located at a special angle, which enhances the qualities of grip during braking. The result: With the Uniroyal RainExpert tire, braking distances on wet and dry surfaces are minimal.

Anti-aquaplaning expert

The RainExpert tire guarantees a high degree of aquaplaning resistance. Double groove grooves - deeper and larger in the center of the tread - prevent water retention and drain water more efficiently. The result: with the Uniroyal RainExpert, aquaplaning protection is much better.

Longevity Expert

The RainExpert tire delivers maximum performance and durability with visual alignment indicators (VAI) on both tread edges, which indicate uneven wear. Indicators indicate wheel imbalance at an early stage, when uneven tire wear can still be prevented.


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