Tyre database for sale. For tyre shops

Tyre database for online shops

We have collected ample information about the models of tyres with images of treads, as well as a database for sizing wheels and tyres by vehicle.

It is time consuming and fairly expensive for new stores to collect their own similar databases, so we offer you to use our facilities.

Database of tyres and database of wheels contains two components: mysql dump which is easy to translate to other databases and collection of photos with one photo per tyre or wheel.

Buy databases pack (tyres, wheels, size by vehicle), with 30% discount for 120 USD (will be convert to RUR for payment, please, check this converted sum)

To purchase database, just specify your email address for creation TyresAddict account.
You can download databases immediately after payment, download links will appear on this page.

Payment is made through Robokassa payment aggregator, no payment data, including card data, is transmitted to stores.