Tyres Articles How to select tyres?

Tires are different, they are put on different models of cars, and the driving style also plays an important role

Therefore, first you need to decide what you want from the tires. In general, tires have several important qualities: noise, controllability, the presence of certain problems during operation (quick tire erasure, how great they have “ability” to receive hernias and punctures). Also, resistance to aquaplaning is important for summer tires (you don’t want to lose control when flying into a small puddle or track), and for winter tires, a similar parameter is stability on snow, snow porridge and ice.

These qualities are quite dependent. That is, if you have a sporty driving style, then you better put stiffer, better-driven tires. However, they will be quite noisy. And vice versa, if you are an ordinary driver and comfort is more important to you, then you can do without speed characteristics, which become noticeable only at high speeds, but it will be more comfortable to drive.


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расскажите мне что-нибудь про рисунки протектора
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Какую из этих зимних шин выбрать для GL(166)Continental ContiCrossContact Winter 275/45 R21 или Michelin Latitude Alpin 2 275/45 R21 ?