Tyres Tests Тест зимних шин на торможение 2012 — Auto Bild — 205/55 R16

Source: Auto Bild


Enrique sad...
more than year ago
Super exeticd to see more of this kind of stuff online.
Winnie sad...
more than year ago
That's a smart answer to a dilucifft question.
Lillah sad...
more than year ago
Thanks Lyn. I feel the same wa2y;8&30#the church is mostly not even following Jesus. My pastor wrote a good article, basically saying, “if you call yourself a Christian (Christ follower) why aren’t you following Christ? Yes, salvation has become a “ticket to heaven” –say this prayer and you’re all set. Sadly, the church teaches this. Like you said, it’s a DAILY walk with Jesus. Keep writing and blogging, you are doing a fabulous job!!