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Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tyres
all season tyres / for cars / Шины Ultra High Performance (UHP)

Tuned for ultra-high performance all-season drivers seeking extreme grip in dry, wet & snow conditions
Exceptional Ultra-High Performance All-Season tire tuned for drivers seeking extreme grip in dry, wet and snow conditions with superior tread life and comfort.

- Enhanced performance in dry conditions. Solid outer shoulder and chamfered tread blocks maximize road contact.
- Outstanding wet handling and braking. High Void-to-Tread ratio with enhanced groove curvature aids in water evacuation for excellent resistance to hydroplaning.
- Improved snow performance. Traction grooves and increased pattern edges.
- Excellent treadlife and fuel efficiency. Dynamic Temperature Distribution technology reduces distortion in the tread to improve wear and rolling resistance.
- Consumer friendly performance indicators....

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
ExtremeContact DWS 315 / 35 R20 +7 (495) 661-97-91 19 500 руб.      order
ExtremeContact DWS 295 / 40 R20 110W +7 (495) 768-5527 15 446 руб.      order
ExtremeContact DWS 0 / 0 R0 Mobil Express +7 (495) 664-39-64 0 руб.      order

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