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Continental WorldContact 4x4 Tyres
summer tyres / for off-roads

A tyre with outstanding all terrain capabilities
The WorldContact 4x4 tyre is the face of the future, and Continental Tyres answer to the challenges faced by adventurous 4x4 owners in Southern Africa. Special characteristics of the new-generation tyre include:
- An extra wide tread for excellent tread life.
- A high strength steel casing to provide improved resistance to punctures.
- An interlocking block tread design for quiet running on tarmac surfaces.
- Wide open-tread grooves for superior traction in the wet and a resistance to aquaplaning.
- A good self-cleaning action of the tread for enhanced grip in mud and sandy conditions.
- Straight sidewalls for improved resistance to sidewall intrusions from protruding rocks, stumps or other threatening off-road situations.
- Shoulder ribs to deflect objects that can cause sidewall

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