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Firestone Firehawk PVS Tyres
winter tyres / нешипованная / for cars

Firehawk PVS, which stands for Pursuit Vehicle Snow, is specially designed for law enforcement and high-speed emergency use in winter conditions. This V-Speed rated Firehawk tire provides the ideal balance between snow and wet performance with an emphasis on positive steering response. Rely on PVS maneuverability on dry roads too. Look for the snowflake symbol on the sidewall which means it meets the demanding Severe Snow Service criteria.

- Strong, block-shaped tread elements. Allow for positive high-speed handling with excellent snow and wet traction
- Computer-designed tread and body. Provide the right balance of all-weather performance without compromising individual features
- Thousands of biting edges. Further enhance snow and wet traction
- Severe snow performance. Meets the severe snow service requirements of the...


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