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Nokian Hakka Z SUV Tyres
summer tyres / for off-roads / Шины Ultra High Performance (UHP)

Summer high-speed tires Nokian Haka Z SUV for city SUVs. Obedient, fast (the tire has the highest speed indices V = 240 km/ h, W = 270 km / h and Y = 300 km/h), low-noise summer tires, with excellent endurance even in the most extreme conditions. The advanced tread allows the tire to not heat up at high speeds, which allows it to perfectly respond to all movements of the driver. The tread pattern absorbs and smoothes all the roughness and roughness of the road surface, which makes the tire low noise. Excellent water drainage from the contact patch. Stylish appearance. High mileage resource. Summer tires Nokian Haka Z SUV has a particularly durable and squeezed to the cuts rubber sidewall mixture.

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
Hakka Z SUV 275 / 40 R20 106Y BShina.RU - Интернет-магазин шин и дисков +7 (499) 685-1200 11 825 руб.      order
Hakka Z SUV 275 / 45 R19 108Y +7 (495) 505-63-94 10 420 руб.      order
Hakka Z SUV 235 / 55 R19 105W +7 (495) 268-0987 10 530 руб.      order

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