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Comparison оf Michelin Energy XM2+ with Michelin Energy XM2
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Michelin Energy XM2+ Michelin
Energy XM2+
Price from 3 480 RUR
Offers: 43
+1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip 0 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Michelin Energy XM2 + A car tyre that give you stopping super power; braking shorter when new and when worn.
Michelin Energy XM2 Michelin
Energy XM2
Price from 3 580 RUR
Offers: 14
-1 Noise 0 Control +2 Grip +2 Aquaplaning +1 Tyre problems
The tires are designed for several categories of vehicles - city cars, compacts and sedans - and Michelin emphasizes that the Michelin Energy XM2 is designed for drivers who drive responsibly with a strong focus on safety. When developing the Energy XM2, the goal was to provide the highest level of safety while reducing the cost of purchasing and operating tires. For Michelin, safety means improved grip, durability and shorter braking distances; independent testing showed that the Energy XM2 tires in size 195/65R15 have a braking distance shorter than five competitors by 1.7 meters, or 4%.

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in compare with Michelin Energy XM2 noise
 |  Hyundai Solaris  |  |  185 / 65 R15  | 
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