Tyre and wheel fitment database for shops

Tyres and Wheels fitment database by vehicle for online shops

We have collected ample information about matching the size of wheels and tires by vehicle. It is time consuming and fairly expensive for new stores to collect their own similar databases, so we offer you to use our facilities. Dataset can be used in filters and widgets at shop.

Wheel fitment data for new car models

Our database unlike analogues is actively updated and contains fitment information for new car models, including 2019-2023. It's easy to check, try to find new models, like this or this.

Wheel Fitment Database
Tyres and Wheels Fitment sizes by Car. Database & API for search by vehicle

2182 car models
16460 car modifications
269 new cars | production since 2020
428 new car modifications | production since 2020

Only in our dataset

More qualitative production years, than exists in other analogue products and datasets. It's simplify search
Combined car modifications, where it allowed, for simplify search
Add separate version of database for English-based markets, without local not exported vendors.
We add model name separately for autos with several generations, you can't find this dataset in analogue products
Additional database of OE tyre models for cars (beta)


DB MySQL dump format and CSV format
Free updates for one year
A lot of installations and customers

Tyre & Wheel Finder / How works

Test Fitment DB works in WP+Woo plugin

Fitment DB setup for WP+Woo widget

You'll also get car logos database for free after purchase!
$65 Database with year of updates
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Buy tyre & wheel fitment database / search by vehicle

To purchase database, just specify your email address for creation TyresAddict account.
You can download databases immediately after payment, download links will appear on this page.

Try tyre and wheel fitment database before buy Free demo version

Only for Jaguar cars, paid version consist data for all car brands
OE Tyres data can be assigned to your data separately, but the best solution is use our Tyres Database with IDs
Demo wheel fitment database / Jaguar

Download MySQL Dump | Demo   Download CSV | Demo   Download CSV w/o generations | Demo   Download CSV of OE tyres | Demo

CSV for Finder plugin | Demo

Sample script

Download script  —  Sample PHP script, tested on PHP 7+, MySQLi driver

Solutions for Shop Platforms

We start to develop special solutions for easy (one click, based on features of platform) data integration in common CMS / Content Management Systems. You can read about it on our b2b.tyresaddict site. There we publish links on demo data and import docs, oriented on concrete platforms. We have WooCommerce solution, OpenCart integration is started. If you want to import products or integrate your shop on common platform (WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, etc), write us.
WooCommerce      OpenCart        Аспро - готовые сайты и интернет-магазины на 1С-Битрикс

Fields documentation


$120 All databases with year of updates
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Buy databases pack (tyres, wheels, size by vehicle), with 30% discount

To purchase database, just specify your email address for creation TyresAddict account.
You can download databases immediately after payment, download links will appear on this page.
Payment is made through Robokassa or UnitPay payment aggregator, no payment data, including card data, is transmitted to stores.

The most common questions about our databases and plugins

The Buying Process

If you already have an account on our site, please login. If you don't have one, we will register you on our site and send you the login and password during the payment. After the payment is accepted you will see the download links for the database on this page. Do not forget to login if not. Our terms of service.

We will send you emails with information about the updates of the databases. The updates are free of charge during one year after buying the database.

Note: Our payment provider has no feature to set order in $ due to law limitations now. So, all prices will converted in RUR during payment process.
Please, check converted order sum before payment.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 14 days from the purchase date.
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Payments safety policy

You can pay for your order with Visa, Master Card, Mir bank cards and other payment systems available depending on the aggregator. When paying, you will be redirected to the server of the Robokassa or Unitpay payment system, where you need to enter the necessary data. When paying with a bank card, payment security is guaranteed by the appropriate processing center.

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Free updates for the first one year

We update the database periodically. After purchase, you will be subscribed to free database updates for one year, so your database will remain relevant.

Database Updates Technically

We prepare full updates, there are no partial and delta updates. Just go to your account and download new files from the same links. We try to keep IDs, but they can change. As a rule, this rarely happens. Usually updates of data are not affected ID.

Discount for multiple sites

The database is sold one per site. If you need the database for more than one site we can make a discount for second and next copies of the database.

Where can I see the database in action?

You can try the database directly on our website via searching. The base is almost identical with one is presented on the site, with the exception of car models that have been added between the database updates.

What is in free additional databases?

In additional databases we packed logos of vehicle brands, tyres and wheels brands. Basically, it's brands, that you can see in databases, of course.

We use maximal resolution for additional data, we try to use data with min 1000px by one side.

By the way, not all vendors has logos in open access, so such logos has low resolution or not present in dataset.

Databases integration / Basics

Our databases is not a module to any CMS, so it can be integrated in any project.

Script for Search by Vehicle Database should be easy integrated to any design.
We strongly recommend use yours price as source of your data (your price positions from warehouse) and use our data as secondary, linked to yours.. Data from your warehouse should be main.

Next step is link your price with our data. We have service for it by names of tyres and wheels. You can do it yourself, but our service can be used too. Service if free for all, you can check how your price covered by our data before buy databases.

Go to intergation service page - service is free, no need to buy databases, you should just register on this site


We have started an API in beta for our data, for integration service etc. You can find docs on our site.
If you have buy any database product and you need API feature for your project, write us!

Updates Pricing
Year of updates and support. How to buy

For buy updates you need login on TyresAddict with your account. You can purchase updates on database pages.

Tyre DB $20
Moto Tyre DB $7
Wheel DB $20
Fitment DB $25
Database pack (all three DB) DB $50

Last Database Updates

Date Tyre Database Wheel Database Search by Vehicle / Fitment Database
2023-09-12 updated
2023-09-09 updated
2023-08-07 updated
2023-08-04 updated updated
2023-07-22 updated