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Comparison оf Nokian Nordman SX2 with Nokian Hakka Green
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 Nordman SX2 Nokian
Nordman SX2
Price from 3 930 RUR
Offers: 6
-1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip 0 Aquaplaning +1 Tyre problems
The Nokian Nordman SX2 is a durable low-end summer tire with an asymmetrical tread design, designed for use on family vehicles of both small and middle classes. This model of 2017 is characterized by reliable adhesion properties on a wet road surface, low rolling resistance and long running time.
 Hakka Green Nokian
Hakka Green
Price from 7 210 RUR
Offers: 2
+2 Noise +1 Control +2 Grip +3 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
In the production of Hakka Green tires, the company achieved a high level of environmental friendliness due to a significant reduction in tire rolling resistance by 15% compared with its predecessor Nokian Hakka H.
Manufacturer Nokian Tires promises that the newest summer tires will significantly reduce the cost of gasoline by almost 3-8% compared with previous summer tires.
Hakka Green Silica is a new rubber compound with the addition of Finnish pine oil, which was used in tire tread during production, thanks to which the tire will have improved grip on wet road surfaces at different temperatures.

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in compare with Nokian Hakka Green noise tyre problems
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