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Comparison оf Tigar Hitris with Rosava AS-701
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Tigar Hitris Tigar
Price from 2 160 RUR
Offers: 2
+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip 0 Aquaplaning +1 Tyre problems
Tigar Hitris is a comfort class tire with asymmetric tread. This model performs especially well on wet surfaces. The low noise level and asymmetrical tread design provide a high level of comfort and precise handling, even at high speeds. Well suited for any driving style.
Rosava AS-701 Rosava
Price from 3 210 RUR
Offers: 2
+1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip +2 Aquaplaning -1 Behaviour on ice -1 Behaviour on snow -2 Tyre problems
The all-season tire AS-701 for crossovers and SUVs uses a special tread compound that reduces wear and increases resistance to damage, which allows the tire to operate on dirt roads and rough terrain, and the soft under-tread rubber layer in it improves heat dissipation , which increases the resource of the tire and provides the possibility of long-term driving at high speeds.

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in compare with Rosava AS-701 noise control grip tyre problems
 |  VAZ 2113, 2114, 2115  |  195 / 50 R15  | 
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