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Arivo Ultra Sport ARV7 tyres
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ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE SUV High-strength bead structure Apex Low-heat-generation formula design Sidewall with high-strength cord reinforcement layer Sidewall with dual composite sidewall support rubber ARIVO DESIGN CONCEPT High-strength bead structure design prevents the tires from falling off the ring when driving at 0 air pressure, and improves the driving durability. Low-heat-generation formula design of apex can effectively reduce the heat generated when the tire is running under pressure and improve the durability. Sidewall adopts a high-strength cord reinforcement layer to increase the sidewall strength, maintain good thermal stability under pressure shortage, and improve low-pressure durability. Sidewall adopts dual composite sidewall support rubber, which has high support strength and good buffering performance. Unique formula design can improve sidewall strength and reduce heat generation, increasing sidewall durability and providing safe driving

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