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Buy Centara Winter 626 tyres 235/60 R18
winter tyres / non-studded / for SUV & off-roads

9 128 - 9 128 руб.
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Tyre size: 235 / 60 R18
Season: Winter
Stud: No
Vehicle: Off-road and SUV
SUV tyre type:

Unlike most other studless tires, this winter tire from Centara has a highly symmetrical tread with an increased number of special blocks, the smallest of which are located in the middle. Thanks to this characteristic, the Winter 626 winter tire has excellent grip on snow.

Tyre Size Weight Index Speed Index Run-Flat XL
235 / 60 R18 103 T    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Moscow SportShina 8-985-788-58-82 12553 RUR order
Moscow Tiresmall.ru 8 (499) 579-90-79 8 (926) 175-84-78 9305 RUR order

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