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Compasal Winter Stud tyres
winter tyres / studded M+S / for cars

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The diamond-cut design of the tire shoulder enhances the bite with the snow and mud on the ground to avoid slipping.
The meandering horizontal grooves, ice skates and daggers are staggered and matched, which can effectively cut the ice layer, improve the grip on ice and snow, and enhance the control performance.
Through accurate calculation, the steel nails are evenly and randomly arranged horizontally and vertically, which not only ensures stable grip, but also reduces noise and vibration.
The design of multi-layer rubber with different hardness and double flange nails ensures that the tread is soft enough and can lock the nails at the same time, improving the ice performance of the tire.

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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Winter Stud 185 / 65 R15 92 T | 630kg 190 km/h     from 4 985 RUR
Winter Stud 185 / 65 R15 92 T | 630kg 190 km/h   XL from 4 825 RUR

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