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General Tire Grabber ST tyres
all season tyres M+S / for SUV & off-roads / Ultra High Performance (UHP) Tyres / out of production

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The General Tire Grabber ST is a quality all-season tire that is perfect for light trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Distinctive features of the General Tire Grabber ST model — Improved rubber compound using UHP class silica. — Directional tread pattern with parallelogram-shaped blocks provides high-quality traction. — Wide grooves that make up the original tread pattern, as well as moving edges, which are found in large numbers on it, cut the water film and effectively remove moisture from the contact zone, which eliminates the risk of aquaplaning. — The reinforced internal structure allows you to feel comfortable when driving even at high speed and when turning on a wet road. Thanks to this, tire wear occurs more slowly. — The M + S marking allows us to say that the tire behaves excellently in the first snow.

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