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Buy Gripmax SureGrip Pro Winter tyres 295/30 R20
winter tyres / non-studded / for SUV & off-roads / HT

22 512 - 22 512 руб.
In Stock
Tyre size: 295 / 30 R20
Season: Winter
Stud: No
Vehicle: Off-road and SUV
SUV tyre type: / HT

A directional tyre that offers fantastic water dispersion and exceptional grip, thanks to its unique features which includes an excessive number of sipes, allowing the tread to conform to the road surface, and its extra wide channels that excavates fluids in preposition to the pressure and weight...

Tyre Size Weight Index Speed Index Run-Flat XL
295 / 30 R20 101 V    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Moscow SportShina 8-985-788-58-82 23600 RUR order

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