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Thanks to iON INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY, The iON evo SUV pushes the limits of trade-offs to reach optimum performance. The iON evo SUV is specifically tailored for electric vehicles, but it is also equipped with the best of both worlds.

The iON evo SUV achieved a hat-trick in the EU Tyre label grade which is extremely exceptional in the tyre industry, and especially first for an EV exclusive tyre.

Electric motors are almost soundless, which results in the driver hearing more noise from the tyres. With the i Sound Absorber Technology, the iON evo SUV offers a quiet and pleasant ride at all speed ranges.

The battery weight makes electric vehicles up to 30% heavier than ICE vehicles, which frequently causes uneven wear on the tyres. The iON evo SUV is made of ProDurable Compound specifically made for electric vehicles to extend tyre life in a healthier condition. iON evo SUV through Round Even Technology evenly spreads out road pressure by optimising the contact structure and provides the overall lifespan with uniform tread wear.


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