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Buy Marshal Crugen Premium KL33 tyres 235/55 R20
all season tyres M+S / for SUV & off-roads / mid-class sporty cars

16 616 - 16 616 руб.
In Stock
Tyre size: 235 / 55 R20
Season: All Season
Vehicle: Off-road and SUV
SUV tyre type:

Give your SUV a touch of sophistication with the Crugen Premium KL33 by Kumho. Quiet and flexible even in the cold with its sophisticated noise-cancelling compound, and super-stable with its wide, rounded edges and micro-sipes, this all-season tyre is the perfect little something extra for your...

Tyre Size Weight Index Speed Index Run-Flat XL
235 / 55 R20 105 V    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Moscow Replica.su +7 (495) 268-0987 16930 RUR order
Moscow VMauto.ru +7 (495) 768-5527 16616 RUR order

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