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Pilot Sport - летняя шина для легковых автомобилей класса Спорт и Супер Спорт. Покрышка основана на технологиях F1, лучшая шина по мнению Porsche.

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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Pilot Sport 255 / 45 R19 100 V | 800kg 240 km/h     from 42 240 RUR
Pilot Sport 285 / 40 R19 103 V | 875kg 240 km/h     from 31 092 RUR

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review on Dunlop SP Sport 9000 noise control grip
 |  BMW 5 series (E60)  |  235 / 45 R17  | 
Bad road keeps on dry and on wet pavement, bad brakes, noisy. Changed to Michelin Pilot Sport, and everything fell into place - the best bus! translated
in compare with Bridgestone Potenza RE001 Adrenalin grip tyre problems
 |  Porsche 911  |  R19  | 
Michelin tsepche when warmed up, but the optimum temperature is kept short, and he begins to "float", has deteriorated. Bridgestone, on the contrary, from circle to circle shows stable results, but the hard part of a more slippery - have had to brake, and speed in the bends just below. translated
in compare with Nokian Z noise grip aquaplanning
 |  Audi A4  |  235 / 45 R17  | 
On this rubber in wet weather I took a man, fortunately without fractures managed. from 70 km / h give a full brake, the ABS is activated, the car slowed down so bad, though trying to pressure on the pedal in polsily .. Summed up this rubber. Until then stood Nokian Z, noisy but grip in dry and wet - super translated
in compare with Toyo Proxes CT1 noise control grip
 |  Toyota MR2  |  R17  | 
Excellent tires for drivers who are not important noise and comfort. But - what a super informative ... .. Sravlival with Toyo, which will pokofortnee ... but - is less stable in sharp turns .. translated

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