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Summer tires Pirelli P7 for passenger cars. This series is designed for the latest generation of medium and high performance vehicles. P7 represents an investment in improved wet performance, more precise handling, safer braking and, most importantly, long service life while maintaining all these characteristics. The P7 series tires have excellent performance in terms of safety, handling on wet roads, steering precision and comfort when driving on the highway. Asymmetrical tread pattern provides the best handling on any surface, as well as excellent traction

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in compare with Yokohama A.drive (AA01) noise control grip
 |  VAZ Kalina  |  185 / 60 R14  | 
An employee stood on the 2114 Planet 2P. Size 185/60 R14. After moving to Yokohama A. Drive increased stopping distance, it became louder, but cornering machine behaved more confidently. With regard to Brilliantis ... A friend drove to Logan t.km 27 for 2 years in their native Barum. Of them - 2 winters. Depreciation - 100%. translated

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