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Tri-Ace Streak-1 is a summer tire specially designed for high quality roads. The unique tread pattern, developed using computer simulations, allows for excellent handling and traction on a variety of road surfaces. The tread consists of large, massive blocks of a special shape, which contribute to an increase in the contact patch area, as a result of which the grip on the road surface is increased. The tire edges have been specially reinforced to increase stability and strength when driving at high speeds. Internal rigid grooves increase the stability and maneuverability of the Tri-Ace Streak-1 when cornering. The aquaplaning effect is minimized by two wide channels located on the sides of the center. The wide central rib provides constant contact with the road, due to this, handling and feedback are increased. Alternating grooves of varying lengths on either side of the center result in reduced noise and increased ride comfort. In the production process of this tire, the most modern equipment and the latest advanced technologies were used. Therefore, it meets all international standards and has excellent performance characteristics.


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