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ZMax IcePioneer 868 tyres
winter tyres / non-studded / for cars

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IcePioneer 868

HP Ice-snow resistance Flexible brake
Asymmetric pattern design for winter tire The high saturation pattern on the outside ensures the handling performance of the tire;the wide grooves in the inside ensure the drainage performance of the tire and prevent sideslip.

Zigzag longitudinal pattern groove on both sides
The zigzag groove design establishes a meshing effect between the tire and the snow surface, constantly pressing and displacing snow, and improving the stability of driving on snow. According to the width of the driving surface, the reasonable layout of 3-4 pattern longitudinal wide pattern groove efficient drainage, mud and snow, greatly improve the tire skid performance. At the same time, the segmented longitudinal continuous ribs provide excellent handling performance.

3D zigzag steel sheet design and optimized distribution
Inside: high-density steel sheet distribution to achieve the best traction/braking performance on snow and ice road;
Outside: relatively low density steel sheet distribution to maintain excellent handling performance

New Formulation design with silica
The tire using new formula design with silica makes the rubber still maintain viscoelastic properties even in -30°C to -40°C, and it can better fit the road, increase the tire contact area and the friction coefficient between the tread and the ice surface, so makes driving safer in winter when it rains and snows.


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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
IcePioneer 868 235 / 60 R17 102 H | 850kg 210 km/h     from 7 340 RUR

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