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John sad...
more than year ago
This Toyota version (FT-86) is amzniag. Scion said they took off some of the mean looks for the Scion version the FR-S. Now I wonder what the Subaru version the BRZ would look like. I'm definitely getting 2 jobs for this shyt. If I can't get it when it first came out, then maybe after all the reviews came out for both the FR-S and the BRZ, so I can decide which one to choose.
Bora sad...
more than year ago
I'm surprised that no one has mnenioetd the most obvious asymmetry that, generally speaking, men do the asking, whereas women only get to say yes or no. After a divorce, men tend to jump right back in and get another wife fairly quickly, and they can do so precisely because they are the ones who get to ask. How many men do you know who would like being wooed and proposed to by a woman? How many women would be successful if they tried? While some women may put themselves right back on the market and seriously pursue a proposal, I think divorce is the point at which many women learn to value themselves more and become very serious about doing their research .
Ranjith sad...
more than year ago
Perhaps you're missing the two stdaanrd economic points:1) Guys tend to be less eager to marry and so will do more upfront work before agreeing to do so and2) On average guys (who earn more) also stand to lose more in the event of a divorce especially in the western court system. Hence it makes sense for them to do more upfront research. (I would predict that the male female ratio of prior research would be lower in countries like Russia or Japan where the divorce laws more strongly favor men than in the UK or US).
Leonid sad...
more than year ago
Surely at the point of marriage men (as an aveagre) are an appreciating asset. Their ability to earn will increase as a function of time. Women are a depreciating asset. Their ability to have children and be beautiful will decrease as a function of time. No it's not politically correct to say so, but it does neatly explain who is under pressure to decide in a short time frame, and who's not (Yes I know I will be condemed to the pits of hell by feminists for this comment)
Zimbabweans sad...
more than year ago
How long does it take to do homework? When poelpe have been in relationships for several years and the guy is still vacillating about taking the next step into marriage, it does make you wonder what else does he think he's going to learn or feel by waiting? Maybe in these cases doing research' is waiting to see if another more suitable product comes on the market, rather than thoroughly scrutinising the product they have.
Stone sad...
more than year ago
This is the ideal answer. Evnyeore should read this
Jesica sad...
more than year ago
Its much less to do with anything worlldy or man made, more to do with biological clock. . . And assorted attraction. A woman's time is running out and she can hear it tick. A man has some four decades since puberty to decide, and he knows it. Hence the patience. And i'd say the observation will be the same across cultures, variability depends on women's median marriage age.
Bhat sad...
more than year ago
Jajajaj creo que hay tatnas y tatnas marcas que podredan felicitarse de haber disef1ado el Mediocrity desde Porsche hasta Seat pasando por Toyota o Lancia, veo disef1os poco innovadores (recocinados de anteriores productos) por todos los sitios. Y sed, se9 que algunas de las marcas que he mencionado se supone que eran un referente en disef1o hace unos af1os pero ahora solo se repiten como una mala comida.
Meme sad...
more than year ago
It may be a question of harizontol vs vertical shopping. Men may be slower to reach decisions because they are more comprehensive (vertical) in their research, while women may be swayed by surface traits, only then to regret their choices, years later. Are men likelier to look into warranty options on consumer products? If so, feel free to construct your own metaphors.
Yvon sad...
more than year ago
I'm just happy about their set of kiddie coacermimls.You think he was making congee?I'm guessing if they did anything more 'chinese' people'll start whining about the commercial being racist or something stupid like that. Subaru was probably just playing it safe.
Guido sad...
more than year ago
simple, if you put the ground on first, your bratety is grounded, and as you put on the positive cable, it will spark all over the place, if it's not grounded, it wont spark simple hot and cold
Karinthia sad...
more than year ago
Wow, your post makes mine look felebe. More power to you!
Paulina sad...
more than year ago
Normally I'm against killing but this article slethguared my ignorance.
Govind sad...
more than year ago
Getting a trailer hitch inllsated would likely cost about three to four hundred dollars. A small cargo trailer could cost you another few hundred, maybe even a thousand depending upon how big and fancy you want it. (Or, you could rent one from U-Haul or a similar company.)If you anticipate going back to Canada at some point, you'll probably want to keep the snow tires. If this isn't in your plans, sell them at a yard sale.
Kerrigan sad...
more than year ago
Well, if you are buying your own fuel and piyang for the insurance, then you definitely have some good options. Being a first car, I would suggest something like the mazda or nissan because they have customizable parts readily available to make them faster.
Berandall sad...
more than year ago
Those were outlaws on ss rims, they were on my feidnrs honda, i have the big bear, the same color as yours. but i recently just bought new tires from my friend, they are swamp whitches on ss rims
Chum sad...
more than year ago
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Dorothy sad...
more than year ago
Unleralpaled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!
Sandra sad...
more than year ago
148hp is not bad in a vehicle this size/weight (and the CVT helps opzimite that power). In fact, Crosstrek has a better power-to-weight ratio than Mazda's 2013 CX-5 2WD or 4WD versions. Would more power be more fun? Sure, but then Crosstrek wouldn't have class-leading fuel economy. I think this engine size is a smart choice, and I hope Crosstrek sells well enough to allow Subaru to also offer a faster version in the future perhaps a turbo or the 200hp 2.0L from the Subaru BRZ.
Felipe sad...
more than year ago
When you think of an SUV/Crossover you think of somthing thats a begigr vehicle. You know your gonna want to haul stuff in it and maby even get a hitch package or somthing on it to haul stuff if need be ..so i think Subaru needs to offer an engine with more power to do that. 148hp and 140 somthing ft/lbs isnt gonna be enough. Im not gonna say that then engine needs to have a turbo but it at least needs to have the 3.0R engine available!
Steven sad...
more than year ago
I bet none of the people have acatlluy been down this track I went down a small part of it and it is very hard to keep yourself upright and most of the place at hadleigh farm are to steep to even walk up so if you think you're all that good of a rider ride up some proper steep hills and post the videos on you tube and watch you all fail
Yashi sad...
more than year ago
I've driven savreel of the new 2012 Impreza's with this engine and CVT. The car is surprisingly responsive. It's not a rocket ship by any means but it's not super slow either. Don't knock it based off the sheer HP numbers alone. It's about the same performance wise as everything else on the market in this general segment. Plus they ride super nice and get great fuel economy considering it is still AWD.
Marwan sad...
more than year ago
I'll like to see any of the critics do ONE lap (not 5) at the speed that these reirds do it; I bet not even with 5 minutes extra and only one lap. This is NOT a sport for aggressive people with motorcycle helmets, full armor that can not lats more than 30 sec. at an anaerobic hart-rate zone and with a consolatory who can ride these one attitude.