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John sad...
more than year ago
This Toyota version (FT-86) is amzniag. Scion said they took off some of the mean looks for the Scion version the FR-S. Now I wonder what the Subaru version the BRZ would look like. I'm definitely getting 2 jobs for this shyt. If I can't get it when it first came out, then maybe after all the reviews came out for both the FR-S and the BRZ, so I can decide which one to choose.
Felipe sad...
more than year ago
When you think of an SUV/Crossover you think of somthing thats a begigr vehicle. You know your gonna want to haul stuff in it and maby even get a hitch package or somthing on it to haul stuff if need be ..so i think Subaru needs to offer an engine with more power to do that. 148hp and 140 somthing ft/lbs isnt gonna be enough. Im not gonna say that then engine needs to have a turbo but it at least needs to have the 3.0R engine available!
Yashi sad...
more than year ago
I've driven savreel of the new 2012 Impreza's with this engine and CVT. The car is surprisingly responsive. It's not a rocket ship by any means but it's not super slow either. Don't knock it based off the sheer HP numbers alone. It's about the same performance wise as everything else on the market in this general segment. Plus they ride super nice and get great fuel economy considering it is still AWD.