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Landsail Ice Star iS33 tyres
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Landsail Ice Star iS33 - winter studded tires for passenger cars.

The wide tread and special geometric design of the shoulder areas increase the contact patch area, which improves traction and prevents slipping in corners.

The tread rubber compound uses micropores, which softens the rubber at low temperatures, increases the contact area, eliminates the water film on icy surfaces and improves grip on wet roads.

The sipes in the central part of the tread are equipped with spacers that keep them open when in contact with the road.

Due to their geometric shape, the sipes improve grip on snow.

Central longitudinal grooves combined with angled grooves on both sides speed up drainage and improve handling on wet and icy roads.

Deep multi-directional grooves improve traction, increase tread self-cleaning and increase traction on snow.

Hexagonal ridges clear the area around the stud, reducing snow build-up and thereby increasing traction on ice.

The studs are located in the contact area of the tread in fourteen tracks, which holds the car on icy and snowy roads, providing a shorter braking distance.

Landsail Ice Star iS33 passenger winter tires are designed for harsh winter conditions.


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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Ice Star iS33 175 / 65 R14 82 T | 475kg 190 km/h     from 3 485 RUR
Ice Star iS33 185 / 65 R14 86 T | 530kg 190 km/h     from 4 007 RUR

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