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The quiet Nokian NRVi prevents aquaplaning

In the development of Nokian NRVi, the key focus areas were its aquaplaning properties, wet grip and wear resistance. As a result of testing dozens of different tread patterns, an entirely new tread design, symmetric at the shoulders and asymmetric at the centre, was developed. The tyre's rolling direction is set by the arrow-like centre pattern. Numerous tests on different tracks indicated that a directional pattern (with fixed rolling direction) is the most effective in removing water from between the tyre and the road, even at high speeds.

Nokian NRVi is directionally steady and durable. The good properties have been achieved by setting the outmost steel belt in a reverse angle towards the asymmetric featherlike pattern of the centre. The tyre has a precise and soft impact with the road, which improves its braking capacity and ensures an even wear pattern. The symmetric shoulders of the tread pattern emphasise excellent cornering properties.


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