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Best summer tyres

Continental ContiSportContact 3
  Control   Grip   Absence of problems  
Goodyear Eagle F1 (asymmetric)
  Control   Absence of problems     Grip

Best winter tyres

Gislaved Nord Frost 5
  Silent   Behaviour on ice   Behaviour on snow
Bridgestone Blizzak WS60
  Behaviour on ice


furby sad...
more than year ago
I drive a 2008 Honda Civic exl; hubs has a 2008 Nissan Rogue sl. We have no plans to upgrade when we have a kid unlses the car has a safety/maintenance problem, but they're still pretty new. For now we're quite happy with our vehicles; they are paid off and THAT is the best feature for a car to have!! My mom drove tiny little cars my whole life without a problem so...I guess we'll see how I feel about it. But I have owned SUVs before, I just feel more comfortable (and oddly, safer) in small vehicles that are low to the ground and easy to maneuver. (My civic feels HUGE compared to my old 70s VW bug I drove for several years...hehe.) I do think I'd switch to a station wagon eventually; I always wanted one (is that weird?) and my current fave is the BMW wagon--the 3 series. I also like the Acura ZDX; it's a 'big' station wagon, not quite SUV but pretty big. (Like a honda crosstour accord if you've seen those.) I really can't stand vans. I have always been a sort of 'car nut' and they were never my thing!
Evangelinvln sad...
more than year ago
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